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Unlock The Hidden Potential: How Numerology Empowers Leaders and Boosts Team Dynamics

Unlock The Hidden Potential: How Numerology Empowers Leaders and Boosts Team Dynamics

Are you aware of the importance of numbers in our lives? Are you aware that we are made up of numbers? Of course we are. The first sets of numbers that define you are our birth dates and our names.

Pythagorean Wisdom: Numbers as a Key to Understanding Human Behavior

Pythagoras believed that each number is associated with a behavioural trait. And if we are made up of numbers, it means that we are made up of behavioural traits that are within our control. We can leverage the strengths and work on the weaknesses of our traits to manage intentional communications better. This means that we are in control of how we want to navigate interpersonal relationships at work and at home.

Case Study: My Personal Experience

Allow me to share a story from my personal experience. My ex-boss has a character number 3 and a Life Path number 4, and I have a character number 1 and a Life Path number 7.

How do I find my own Character Number?

Character number determines one’s behaviour and attitudes. Character number is derived from the day of birth. So if you’re born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of the month, you have a character number 3.

How do I determine my own Life Path Number?

Life Path number determines one’s experiences and opportunities, and is derived from the addition of one’s day, month and year of birth. So if you’re born on 21st January 1971, you add 2+1+1+1+9+7+1 = 22, then you reduce the number again by adding 2+2 and that gives you a Lifepath 4.

So what do these numbers mean?

Her character number 3 and Life Path number 4 told me that she was meticulous, finicky, disliked risks and needed continuous engagement. My character number 1 and Life Path number 7 made me one who is visionary, big picture, open and experimental with ideas and work independently.

With these opposing personality traits, we both had a very tense relationship peppered with frequent incidents of communication breakdown and misunderstandings. When I shared this information about our respective numerological profiles with her and aligned our respective strengths and passions according to our numbers, we could finally move forward to focus on the common goal of delivering to the company’s business objectives. We became the strongest pillars of our marketing team that were able to positively impact the outcomes of our projects, launching innovative products that positioned the company as an industry first-mover.

How can these numbers help with empowering leaders and boost team dynamics?

Understanding your team members’ numerology profiles can unlock significant benefits for leaders and team dynamics and performance. Here’s how:

  • Improve Communication: Numerology reveals communication preferences. By tailoring communication styles to individual profiles, leaders can ensure better understanding and engagement.
  • Reduce Conflict: Identifying potential personality clashes through numerology can equip leaders with strategies for effective conflict resolution and building stronger team bonds.
  • Strengthen Team Spirit: Numerology sheds light on individual strengths and motivations. Leaders can utilize this knowledge to build a cohesive team by leveraging each member’s unique talents.
  • Enhance Leadership Skills: Understanding your own and your team’s numerology profiles empowers leaders to adapt their leadership style for greater team effectiveness.

Ready to unlock the power of numerology within your team? My numerology workshops delve deeper into these benefits and equip leaders with practical tools to manage communication, build stronger teams, and achieve superior results.

Joanna - Author

About the Author

My name is Joanna. I am an ardent advocate of intentional communications.

I helm a marketing communications consultancy called Bravery Communications, which specialises in using the power of storytelling to shape perceptions about a brand. Together with my skills as a certified numerologist, it has presented a unique opportunity for me to help corporate executives enhance intentional communications and shape win-win outcomes. Do you want to know how your numbers can help you better manage team dynamics, lead and coach high performing teams? Contact me to find out more!

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