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Unlock The Hidden Potential: How Numerology Empowers Leaders and Boosts Team Dynamics

Unlock The Hidden Potential: How Numerology Empowers Leaders and Boosts Team Dynamics

Are you aware of the importance of numbers in our lives? Are you aware that we are made up of numbers? Of course we are. The first sets of numbers that define you are our birth dates and our names.

Pythagorean Wisdom: Numbers as a Key to Understanding Human Behavior

Pythagoras believed that each number is associated with a behavioural trait. And if we are made up of numbers, it means that we are made up of behavioural traits that are within our control. We can leverage the strengths and work on the weaknesses of our traits to manage intentional communications better. This means that we are in control of how we want to navigate interpersonal relationships at work and at home.

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Combining Tarot With Clairvoyance – A Reading For A Fellow Psychic


I had always combined multiple metaphysical modalities like Tarot, Numerology and Astrology within the readings I did for my clients. However, I seldom combined any of these with my clairvoyance until recently when I had discovered these skills. My friend Katherine changed that when she asked me to do a reading for her to identify why she had been having dreams about an old dilapidated manor located in Wales. Katherine did not live in Wales or anywhere near Wales. She lived in Belgum. She had never been to Wales. However, the name and location of the manor was made known to her in her dreams. She, like myself, was in the throes of developing her psychic abilities. So I thought it would be interesting to share my reading here with Katherine’s permission. This reading is a true account of my friend’s story and all names have been changed to protect her privacy. I have also omitted the exact name and location of the manor to maintain confidentiality of this reading.


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Nail That Important Meeting With Tarot


In most companies, the month of June would be a period when mid-year performance reviews would be conducted to assess an employee’s performance against his goals that had been set for him or her at the beginning of the year.

This period would generally be stressful for most managers rushing to complete their one-on-one performance review meetings with their staff within the month, amidst their mounting workload However, it would also be equally stressful for the employees who were forced to have conversations about what they had or had not achieved, obstacles put in front of them that had prevented them from achieving their targets perhaps, and resources needed to assist the employees to get their jobs done on time and on target.

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The Workplace Relationship Spread Managing Relationships With Colleagues At Work


In the first week of the New Year, I was inundated by Tarot reading appointments with the bulk of the questions heavily weighted on career and workplace relationships. Questions range from “Should I look for a new job in the new year?”, “What’s my new boss like?”, “How will my role in this job pan out this year?”

However, the most interesting question I got yesterday was, “What’s the outcome of my working relationship with a colleague in the New Year?” It was interesting to me because my client sought advice from my Tarot cards in a bid to proactively find ways to improve her relationship with her colleague this New Year.
To me, interpersonal relationships between colleagues are hardest to manage. A work environment is often made more challenging by differences in personalities, attitudes, goals and personal agendas amongst colleagues. The relationship dynamics that govern day-to-day interactions may be even more volatile when they are driven by an undercurrent of misperceptions, prejudices and lack of trust and communication. Read More…