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Experience Enlightening Psychic Reading in Singapore

Have you experienced any of these situations?

  • Felt stuck in the middle of a career crossroads
  • A potential relationship that you were not sure about
  • A marriage fraught with dishonesty, mistrust and lies
  • Interpersonal relationships with colleagues or family members that frustrated you
  • A job that was making you unhappy
  • Felt lost about your soul purpose
  • Unsure about starting a business or going into business with a potential partner
  • Felt a lot of anxiety, fear and stress without knowing the cause

In these circumstances, life brings you its fair share of challenges and opportunities, each with its own lessons built to hone your resilience, strength and self-confidence. The Universe will never leave you without support and guidance during these difficult times. You should never feel alone and lost in an endless battle with hurdles thrown your way. In every person’s darkest hour, our psychic in Singapore believes that the sun always rises at the end of your journey. When one door closes, a new door always opens.

How can a psychic reading in Singapore help you?

Our psychic’s intuitive readings are meant to guide you towards the path of light by providing you with in-depth insight, so you can make informed choices to achieve your desired outcome. Experiencing these similar difficulties before, our psychic in Singapore can empathise with you and support you through these challenges with their intuitive skills founded on authenticity.

Psychic readings with Sun Goddess Tarot involve the metaphysical Science of Numerology and Tarot reading so you can get a full understanding of yourself and the situation you’re facing. Get career tarot readings and love and compatibility tarot readings from our psychic in Singapore today.

Video Call Psychic Reading – SGD200 an hour

By making an appointment for your reading, you will have the option to receive your reading through a video call option or via email.  The video reading costs SGD200 per hour and the cost of the email reading options are below.  If you want to know more about our online psychic reading in Singapore, contact us today at +65 9680 9121.

Experience Accurate Online Tarot Card Reading in Singapore

Learn more about life and what it has in store when you book a reading with our professional tarot reader in Singapore. Regardless of the type of online reading you want, our tarot card reader will combine the metaphysical Sciences of Tarot and Numerologywith their intuition to give you the answers and guidance you need. You will be offered options with our advice-centric approach during tarot readings.

Do you want to know what our tarot reading services will look like? Feel free to check out our sample reading to get an idea.


Our Tarot Reading Services in Singapore

Relationship Tarot Reading

Should you want to know if a new relationship has potential or need some answers to issues your current relationship is facing, you can avail of our Relationship Tarot Reading Services. Our tarot reader can assist you in knowing more about your relationship or discovering if you and your partner are compatible. Rather than predicting the future of your relationships, we help you fully understand the situation and why things turn out the way they do. Get clarity on your new or long-term relationship with a tarot reading in Singapore.


Career Tarot Reading

If you’re feeling uncertain about your career or having trouble at work but can’t seem to pinpoint why, our tarot reader can provide enlightenment to the situation. Our Career Tarot Reading Services can help you unravel what could be hindering you from being fulfilled in your career or why there’s a lack of communication or trust in your team. Additionally, we can also assist you in determining whether it’s the right time for you to venture into a new career or business. Make an appointment with our tarot reader in Singapore and shed some light on the potential or issues of your career.

Video Call & Email Reading – SGD $200

Our online video call tarot reading involves a 1-hour session where we help you gain insight into what you want to know about your life. The appointment for video call readings must be made 2 weeks in advance. Home visits in our Singapore location can only be made on exceptions and with prior arrangements with our professional tarot reader.

You can also get an accurate online reading from our Singapore tarot reader through email. Once you’ve chosen the tarot reading option that suits you, just send in your payment via Paypal then email our reader your details:

  • Full name according to birth certificate
  • Birthdate
  • A clear and focused question and a short background of the issue you would like insight and advice about

Our Accurate Tarot Reading Options in Singapore and Beyond

Before we begin, kindly choose which tarot reading option you would like our professional tarot reader to do for you.

Tarot Reading Options Description Cost Cards
The Full Monty When you book an appointment for the Full Monty, our tarot reader can provide career, romantic relationship, and family life advice. Should you be feeling confused about which direction to go with your career, a highly political work environment, or volatile relationships with your partner or family, this would be a great choice for you. USD208 Up to 12 cards combined with Numerology and Tarot Reader’s Clairsentience

Your Year Ahead This tarot reading is perfect during milestones in your life, such as birthdays or a new job, or festive seasons, such as Lunar New Year or New Year. Have more in-depth insight on potential responses to upcoming challenges you might face in the year. USD208 Up to 15 cards combined with Numerological Analysis

Talk to a Professional Tarot Reader in Singapore

Our accurate tarot card reader in Singapore can help you make sense of some of life’s most pressing issues. Simply contact us today at +65 9680 9121 for more information or to make a booking for your online tarot reading appointment.

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