Sun Goddess Tarot

The Workplace Relationship Spread Managing Relationships With Colleagues At Work


In the first week of the New Year, I was inundated by Tarot reading appointments with the bulk of the questions heavily weighted on career and workplace relationships. Questions range from “Should I look for a new job in the new year?”, “What’s my new boss like?”, “How will my role in this job pan out this year?”

However, the most interesting question I got yesterday was, “What’s the outcome of my working relationship with a colleague in the New Year?” It was interesting to me because my client sought advice from my Tarot cards in a bid to proactively find ways to improve her relationship with her colleague this New Year.
To me, interpersonal relationships between colleagues are hardest to manage. A work environment is often made more challenging by differences in personalities, attitudes, goals and personal agendas amongst colleagues. The relationship dynamics that govern day-to-day interactions may be even more volatile when they are driven by an undercurrent of misperceptions, prejudices and lack of trust and communication. Read More…